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My Story: Building Excellence Through Passion and Precision Builders in Slough

Welcome to Adams Builders  Slough! With over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, I specialize in providing a wide range of building services. From plastering, insulation, and painting to various other construction needs, I focus on individual clients and also collaborate on larger projects in Slough, aiming for excellence in every aspect of my work.

My main focus is on reliability, precision, and professionalism. Regardless of the project’s size, I make sure to deliver high-quality builders service in Slough, ensuring expert execution. Keeping the worksite clean and safe is my top priority to ensure an efficient project environment.

Apart from offering skilled building services, I also assist in selecting top-quality materials for your projects. Understanding your needs is crucial to me, and I am dedicated to delivering tailored solutions that go beyond your expectations. Specializing in plastering, insulation, and painting services as a builders in Slough, my aim is to ensure satisfaction and excellence in every project I undertake.

My services cover a wide spectrum, ranging from minor repairs to collaborating on larger-scale ventures. My adaptability and teamwork enable me to handle diverse projects with precision, ensuring the highest customer satisfaction.

If you’re seeking reliability, stability, and professionalism in your construction projects, feel free to reach out. I am dedicated to providing guidance and working closely with clients to ensure the best possible outcomes for each project, aligning with your vision while upholding the Builders Slough standard.


I offer diverse builders services in Slough, including repairs, plumbing, painting, and flooring, with guaranteed top-quality results..

Porcelain Tiling - Patio
Specializing in construction as a builder within Slough, I provide specialized porcelain tiling for your patio. Focusing on durability and elegance, my weather-resistant tiling solutions transform outdoor spaces into inviting retreats. I provide expert guidance on materials, patterns, and designs, ensuring a perfect match for your vision.
Home Insulation
Specializing as a builder in Slough, I prioritize comprehensive home insulation solutions. My expertise lies in optimizing energy efficiency and maintaining cozy indoor environments. With tailored insulation services, I reduce heat loss during winters and provide cooling benefits in summers, ensuring your home remains comfortable while minimizing energy expenses.
Flooring and Tiling
Elevate your spaces with my expertise as a builder in Slough. I offer a wide array of flooring options, from hardwood to tiles, ensuring durable and visually appealing surfaces. My meticulous approach to tiling, considering both practicality and aesthetics, enhances your property’s charm and functionality, showcasing quality craftsmanship.
Painting and Decorating
My painting and decorating service in Slough is tailored to add vibrancy and style to your space. From selecting the perfect color schemes to applying high-quality paints and finishes, I bring life to your walls, transforming interiors into inviting spaces.
Plastering In-Out
Providing dedicated plastering services in Slough, I excel in enhancing both interior and exterior spaces. As an experienced builder, I focus on creating durable surfaces for walls and ceilings, offering top-quality plastering solutions that transform your indoor and outdoor areas into refined spaces. With meticulous attention to detail, I ensure a smooth finish that elevates the aesthetics of your property.

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What My Customers Say About My Services

  Adam has done quite a lot of work for me since we moved into a new place. His attention to detail and dedication is second to none. He is consumate professional and very reliable.

  Adam has completed a variety of jobs for us over the last few years - including plastering, tiling and flooring. He is reliable, professional, tidy hardworking and has always done an excellent job. All at a reasonable price.

  We were recommended Adam from a work colleague back in 2018 to carry out some pointing works. We were really impresssed with the efficiency and speed from Adam which is why we asked Adam to carry out our light refurbishment works going forward. He installed our flooring, underfloor heating, tiling, roofing repairs, insulation and much more. Would highly recommend - he is one of the few builders we have come across who genuinely cares and takes pride in his work.


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Adams Builders Services plastering, insulation, painting, tailing flooring, patio and more. Builders in Slough 64

1 Ruby Close, Slough, SL1 9DZ

Adams Builders Services plastering, insulation, painting, tailing flooring, patio and more. Builders in Slough 65

Adams Builders Services plastering, insulation, painting, tailing flooring, patio and more. Builders in Slough 66

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